Spider ILD01

The SPIDER ILD01 mower is designed for fully professional use. Extreme slopes, inaccessible, dangerous terrain, fine park grass, large lawns – SPIDER ILD01 can easily handle all of this.


Spider ILD01 remote control slope mower is the original product of Dvorak – svahové sekačky, LTD. Introduced in 2003 as the first remote-controlled mower, built to maintain slopes, for the professional market. With the patented, and revolutionary drive system “dancing step” that ensures extraordinary climbing ability along with unprecedented maneuverability.  Immediately after the launch of the ILD01 has acquired an impressive list of prestigious awards around the world, and continues to exhibit ingenuity everywhere it goes.


Engine Type Kawasaki FS541V
Performance 18 HP / 13.4 kW Gross HP SAE J1940
Displacement 603 ccm
Ignition electronic
Fuel Tank 12 l / 3.2 gal
Fuel unleaded petrol
Gear hydrostatic
Oil tank 6,5 l / 1,7 gal
Speed 0 – 6 kmh / 0 – 3.7 mph
Steering 360°, 4-wheel drive
Wheels 16 x 6.50-8
Cutting Width 80 cm / 31,5 in (center blade)
Cutting Height 6 – 11 cm / 3 – 8 cm / 2.5 – 4.5 in / 1 – 3 in
Clutch electromagnetic
Performance up to 3000 m2/h / 0,74 acres/h
Consumption 2.5 l/hour / 0.65 gal/hour
Climbing Ability 55° / 143%
Dimensions 135.6 × 120 × 91.3 cm / 53 x 47 x 36 in
Weight 288 kg / 635 lb

  • The patented drive system together with the unique mulching system always ensure a perfect cut. If you are looking for a professional mower for challenging terrain, you have just found it.
  • The Spider ILD01 is the original product of our company which was launched on the market in 2004. This Red Dot Design Award winning remote-controlled mower is fully designed for professional applications on all types of medium- sized terrains including extreme and unstable slopes with inclications of up to 55° / 143% *.
  • With an optional mulching kit, the Spider ILD01 can provide high quality cuts on parks, golf courses and areas with fine turf.
  • The patented “dance step” drive system enables a full range of motion in 360° degrees. Incredible maneuverability, light weight design and low fuel consumption results in higher productivity, which can be compared to 5 workers using brush cutters at significantly lower operating costs.
  • After 15 years in the market and thousands of hours of operation in over 50 countries worldwide, the Spider ILD01 is synonym for reliability and dependability.
Spider Remote Control
The remote control provides comfort, safety and precise control. Range of the remote control is 100 m.
Spider ILD01 Mower
With an areal coverage up to 3,000 m2/hour, the SPIDER ILD01 can be a match for performance of 5 brush cutters at substantially lower operating costs.









Spider Slope Mower on Winch
You would hardly be able to find a safer mower in the market. The remote control allows the operator to stay away from the working area of the mower, away from noise and vibrations Safety can be further enhanced by using the hydraulic stabilizing winch, which stabilizes the machine on the steepest slopes.
Spider Mowers Canada
The patented drive system “Dance step” together with constant 4-wheel drive ensure fanstastic maneuverability in all terrains, great climbing ability and gentle treatment of grass even in wet or soft terrain.












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