Spider ILD02

Extreme slopes, inaccessible, dangerous terrain, fine park grass, large lawns – SPIDER ILD02 can easily handle all of this.


Spider ILD02 is the main workhorse of the Spider Dvorak – svahové sekačky, LTD. commercial line.  Brought to market in 2006 to expand on the abilities of the ILD01.  ILD02 utilizes the same revolutionary drive system as the ILD01, and boasts the same extreme slope ability.  With added power, speed and cutting width the ILD02 is the commercial operators dream machine.  Cut up to 40mm thick wooded material, invasive plants and weeds all the way to finish turf with this unrivaled machine.


Engine Type Kawasaki FS691 V
Performance 21 HP / 24HP, 15.4 kW
Displacement 726 ccm
Ignition electronic
Fuel Tank 16 l // 4.2 gal
Fuel unleaded petrol
Gear hydrostatic
Oil Tank 9 l // 2.4 gal
Speed 0 – 8 km/h // 0 – 5 mph
Steering 360°, 4 wheels
Wheels 16 x 6.50 “
Cutting Width 123 cm // 48,5 in
Cutting Height 9 – 14 cm / 7 – 12 cm // 3.5 – 5.5 in / 2.8 – 4.7 in
Clutch electromagnetic
Performance up to 7000 m2/h // 1,73 acres/h
Fuel Consumption 3.5 – 5.5 l/hour // 0.95 gal/h
Climbing Ability 41° (55° with the winch)
Dimensions 164 x 143 x 92 cm // 65 x 56 x 36 in
Weight 387 kg // 853 lb
  • The patented drive system together with the unique mulching system always ensure a perfect cut. If you are looking for a professional mower for challenging terrain, you have just found it.
  • The ILD02 is Spider‘s best selling model.
  • Developed to handle extreme slopes, inaccessible areas, dangerous terrains, fine turf and extensive mowing on large areas, all in one setup. The patented drive system enhanced with a skid-steering option enables mowing in all directions and extreme climbing ability up to 55° / 143%*.
  • Its unique steering system, light weight and low center of gravity, eliminate the risk of erosion on steep slopes.
  • The four-blade mowing mechanism ensures a perfect cut and can easily handle unmaintained areas.
  • Its productivity is comparable to that of heavy machinery or 15 workers using brush cutters at significantly lower operating costs.
  • More than 10 years of continuous product development has resulted in a highly reliable product which is very important to the professional user.
Spider ILD02 Slope Mower
SPIDER ILD02 can replace up to 15 brush cutters or 1 heavy machinery while keeping operating costs much lower.
Spider Mower in Brush
The SPIDER ILD02 can be used both for intensive mowing of short and park grass,as well as for rough and dangerous terrain and the steepest slopes. With one machine you can cut all the surfaces and do not need any specialized mechanization.










Spider Slope Mowers Canada
The unique mowing device is based on high-quality mulching due to which it is unnecessary to collect the grass. Cut grass is evenly spread to the grass roots and serves as a valuable source of nutrients for further growth.
Spider mower with plow
Add a Snow Plow option to your Spider ILD02 and expand your usable season.










Spider Service Position
Under-deck service has never been easier than with Spider. With a certified service position, service time and struggle is greatly reduced.


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