Spider 2SGS

The Spider 2SGS is the only mower on the market dedicated to the maintenance of turf areas on solar farms.


Spider 2SGS remote control slope mower is the newest addition to the full commercial line of Spiders by Dvorak – svahové sekačky, LTD.  Built off the standard ILD02 platform with some distinctive differences on the outside.  2SGS is designed for cutting under solar panels, and in other height restricted zones.  2SGS is just as tough and capable as the ILD02 but with a larger resume for the commercial operator.


Engine Kawasaki FS691 V
Performance 21 HP / 24 HP, 15.4 kW
Displacement 726 ccm
Ignition electronic
Fuel Tank 16 l // 4.2 gal
Fuel unleaded petrol
Gear hydrostatic
Oil Tank 9 l // 2,4 gal
Speed 0 – 8 km/h // 0 – 5 mph
Steering 360°, 4 wheels
Wheels 16 x 6.50-8
Cutting Width 123 cm // 48,5 in
Cutting Height 9 – 14 cm / 7 – 12 cm //3.5 – 5.5 in / 2.8 – 4.7 in
Clutch electromagnetic
Performance up to 7000 m2/h // 1,73 acres/h
Fuel Consuption 3,5 – 5.5 l/hour // 0.95 gal/h
Climbing Ability 41° (55°with the winch)
Dimensions 164 x 143 x 92cm // 65 x 56 x 32,5 in
Weight 387 kg // 853 lb
  • Based on the tested and proven Spider ILD02 chassis with a lowered profile, it makes the Spider 2SGS better suitable for the grass maintenance underneath solar panels.
  • Consideration that most solar fields are built in warmer climates and environments therefore the Spider 2SGS has a specially built top cover with an open metal mesh on its sides. This makes the mower more suitable for places with extremely hot temperatures where the engine and hydraulic systems need sufficient cooling ability.
  • Thanks to the patented drive system offering all-direction mowing combined with the skid-steering option, the Spider 2SGS easily manages all obstacles and challenging terrains.
  • Its productivity is comparable to that of 15 workers using brush cutters.
  • One mower can replace several other mowing solutions using only one operator at significantly lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.
  • The Spider 2SGS is certified* against throwing any objects off the cutting blades so the potential to damage the solar panels while mowing around them is avoided.
Spider SGS At Work
It’s vitally important to keep the grass maintained around these panels. Loss of generated energy equates to loss of income for the solar farm operator, so the maintenance of these areas cannot be underestimated.
Spider 2SGS under Solar Panel
SPIDER 2SGS is equipped with the skid steering option. Steering system allows the rotation of the mower around its vertical axis and significantly simplifies manipulation.










Spider 2SGS Productivity
SPIDER 2SGS has an equal productivity as SPIDER ILD02 – it can replace up to 15 brush cutters or 1 heavy machinery at substantially lower operating costs.
Spider Service Position
Under-deck service has never been easier than with Spider. With a certified service position, service time and struggle is greatly reduced.











Spider Remote Control Mower
The remote control provides comfort, safety and precise control. Range of the remote control is 100 m.


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