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New for 2020 Hustler Turf Equipment is now supplying generators. Options of 3 sizes in standard generator models, and one inverter style to suit your


Pressure Washers

Hustler has a wide selection of Pressure Washers now available.  From small home owner models to larger light duty commercial units.  With an option to


Raptor Flip-Up – Residential

The Raptor® Flip-Up features patented QuickFlip™ technology. Enjoy effortless cleaning and blade changing, automated deck height adjustment and less required storage space…all at the push


In 1964 inventor John Regier found a need for a ride on lawnmower that had the ability to cope with multiple different types of terrain, all while being extremely maneuverable and efficient. At this point the Zero-Turn mower was born. This idea was brought forward to Excel Industries in Kansas and production and marketing of Hustler Turf Equipment began. Over the years since the first machine was released Excel Industries has continued to be at the forefront of the Zero-Turn market, always advancing with new ideas, higher quality products and superior strength and performance.  When people are looking for reliability, productivity and innovation in their ride on lawnmower there is no better place to turn than Hustler Turf Equipment.

J&S Performance has been supplying the Niagara Region with North American built Hustler Turf Equipment for over 20 years.  As a small family owned business that takes pride in their service and values J&S is happy to assist customers, ranging from home owners to government employees, with all aspects of zero-turn needs.  With an immense inventory of OEM Hustler parts, and extraordinary knowledge of service and a well rounded stock of new equipment, J&S is a one stop shop.  Our friendly and experienced staff are here to help you; whether its your first time looking at a ride on lawnmower, or you are a experience member of the turf industry. 

Your zero-turn future is just a email or phone call away, so what is stopping you from putting your own Hustler Mower to work?

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